This game was made in 1 week for the community Game Jam ! 


Move with arrow keys or wasd.

Shoot with the left mouse button.

Defeat the boss.


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master blaster 21 MB


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Next time butter.


Check out ma game again:


beep beep

Cool game. I liked the music and the dodging. Just the movement was a little bit jittery. Great Work!

Thanks for the feedback. 

Yes I noticed it too but I couldn't fix it.

I had a resolution bug, then I don't know if i have really finished the game. But that was cool !

You should have a look on it !

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Thanks for reviewing.

And I shall look at it. 

Cool game, I found it very addictive and I loved the music.

The only thing I would change is that I would put more variation in the map , like for exaple, adding someting more that a gray background, and maybe some light effects.
But I loved everything else especially the music and sound effects.
Good job!


Thanks for the feedback. 

Nice game, I loved it

Although the resolution makes it very hard and uncomfortable to play

Thank you for commenting.

And sorry for the resolution.

I like the game, cool ideah

thanks for commenting

Nice Game. I just rushed to green zone without killing all enemies ..xD

#speed run

It's actually pretty cool. The music is awesome. The resolution is a bit of a bummer though like others have said.

Thanks for your review

Really great game! Great music, controls, and graphics. If I had any complaints, it would be that the resolution's reeeeally big and that it was a little short for me; but take that as a compliment; I want more! I think with more levels you could make a really solid full-scale game. But what I don't understand is how it's a lie?

Thanks for the review,

On the resolution i notice only today and it was to match work to change  beginners mistake. 

And on the lie part In the beginning there are rules All of the rules are lies. (i was empty on idees)

Nice little bullet hell. In the level with the boss im not sure if i beat it or not. Just got to the green erea and it went to the opening screen.

Thank you for commenting.

And yes you have beaten the game.

I will update the game so you have a win screen.

I have update the game and if you don't mind i have stolen the "little bullet hell" sentence